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Daeron the Minstrel
15 June 2015 @ 10:56 pm
If you would like to contact Daeron or his mun, you can do so here.
Daeron the Minstrel
04 March 2010 @ 04:48 am
Head Canon:

Daeron is the second and youngest son of Ithilbor and [Unknown]. His elder brother is Saeros, who became a councillor to the Thingol in his later life. Both were born in Doriath.

Ithilbor was of the Nandor*, while their mother was a Sindar** with ties to Thingol's House. Saeros took more after his father's people, both in looks and attitude, while Daeron was more of a Sinda in looks and nature. Their split in cultural affiliation extended into their political views, but while Saeros was outspoken about his beliefs, Daeron kept his own to himself.

Despite their differences, however, the brothers were fond of each other, even if their relations were occasionally tumultuous.

*Kindred of the Nandor who later came to Doriath, but may have been in the Forest beforehand. Possibly because of his marriage.

**As Daeron has dark hair and the Sindar seemed to be naturally silver haired, it is possible that somewhere in his bloodline is a Noldo who stayed behind with the Telerin host in Arda.

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